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Nail care by appointment

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CND Vinylux polish

CND Vinylux is a 1 week-wear polish by CND.


Simple Manicure- Just the basics. File, tidy, polish.  


Simple Manicure with Polish 20mins. £15

Simple Pedicure with Polish 30mins. £15




You can buy CND Vinylux at The Nail Boutique, priced at £9.95 per bottle (thats for a colour OR a Top coat!) or you can save money and buy  colour AND a top coat together for £17.95. 









Polish to Go'- £22

A brand new Vinylux bottle of polish applied to your nails as part of an express mani and you get to take the polish home with you.

Saving of £2.95!


Polish to go upgrade- upgrade from an express manicure with nail polish to take away to a spa manicure instead. - £30

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